The Down and Dirty of Boarder Crossings

Boarder crossing isn't difficult, but depending on where you cross you may have some wait time. Be prepared when crossing the boarder to have all documents in order. I clipped my information together in groups so it can be easily handed to the agent when requested. 

  • For the RV - Registration, insurance card, Canadian insurance card, insurance policy
  • For the toad - Registration, insurance card, Canadian insurance card, insurance policy
  • Pets - Rabies certificate, health certificate
  • Passports
  • List of items in pantry/refrigerator/freezer - Organize into 3 columns and make additions/ deletions as needed. Listing wine/beer and quantities will save time. 

I do everything I possibly can so there is absolutely no reason for the agents to come aboard my coach. I've heard my share of nightmarish stories as I'm certain everyone has. 

Be prepared to answer questions with concise answers. 

  • How long will you be in Canada?
  • Where are you planning on staying while you're in Canada?
  • How many people are traveling with you?
  • Do you have any pets?
  • Are you carrying any firearms? Handguns? Mace? Bear spray?
  • Do you have any firearms at home? (I have no idea why this should be important.)
  • Are you transporting any {insert current banned food item here}?
  • Do you have any alcohol on board? Cigarettes? How much?

People always ask about crossing through Customs. I never have personally had any issues with crossing, however there are some agents in our US offices whom I would rather not meet again. Some agents are just downright rude and arrogant. I had one agent at Beaver Creek yelling at me because I didn't come into the station under an overhang as he requested. Even after explaining the height of my rig wouldn't allow me into the space he insisted he "eyeballed" the height to determine I would have been alright. In reality my KingDome sat far too high and would have had significant damage. In Sweetgrass I encountered an extremely arrogant customs agent who seemed bent on expressing his authority to the common people. Not exactly the welcome I expected.