Let's Get The Maps Out - travel guide

Our driver, Max, does a heck of a job.

At some point you will have to lay out some of your trip according to your own interests. You don't have to have every moment of every day planned, but there are certain reservations you will need to make. I've outlined my trip below and I have to say it was pretty inclusive.

  • Washington: I-5 to Route 13 to cross the board at Sumas - open 24/7
  • Route 1/Route 5 to Kamloops - Just because it's a cute town with really nice people.
  • Kamloops - Route 97 through Cache Creek and Quesnel to Prince George
  • Prince George - Yellowhead Highway (Route 16) to Prince Rupert - Know the names of highways so you can speak with locals and understand proper directions.
  • Prince Rupert - catch the ferry to Ketchikan - 6 hours - have US boarder documents ready at the gate in Rupert prior to pulling into the staging area.
  • Ketchikan - catch the ferry to Wrangell - 6 hours
  • Wrangell - catch the ferry to Petersburg - 3 hours
  • Petersburg - catch the ferry to Juneau - 8 hours
  • Juneau - catch the ferry to Haines - 4.5 hours
  • Haines to Haines Junction via Haines Highway - you will cross into Yukon Territory at Dalton Cache and will need Canadian boarder documents - open 8am-midnight
  • Haines Junction via the Alaska Highway through Destruction Bay to Tok - you will need US boarder documents at Beaver Creek - open 24/7
  • Tok to Valdez - take Tok Cutoff through Glenallen and pick up the Richardson Highway south
  • Valdez to Whittier - catch the ferry to Whittier - 6 hours - Make travel arrangements for return trip at this same time. The Cross Gulf ferry only travels east once every two weeks.
  • Whittier to Soldotna/Kenai - travel through the train tunnel from Whittier to the Seward Highway south, turn right off the highway toward Cooper Landing and then travel the Sterling Highway into Soldotna
  • Soldotna/Kenai to Ninilchik/Anchor Point/Homer via the Sterling Highway
  • Homer back to Soldotna/Kenai via the Sterling Highway then north on the Seward Highway toward Anchorage
  • Anchorage to Talkeetna via the George Parks Highway
  • Talkeetna to Denali via the George Parks Highway
  • Denali to Fairbanks via the George Parks Highway
  • Fairbanks to North Pole via the Richardson Highway
  • North Pole to Palmer - east on the Richardson Highway, then east on Glenn Highway to Palmer
  • Palmer to Whittier - Glenn Highway to George Parks Highway to Seward Highway
  • Whittier to Juneau - Catch the Cross Gulf ferry at Whittier. You will make a stop at Yakutat and then on to Juneau
  • Juneau to Wrangell - 
  • Wrangell to Ketchikan to Prince Rupert - You will have to get off one ferry and maybe stay the night in Ketchikan and then catch the ferry to Rupert. The other option is to meet up with the Columbia and travel back to Bellingham but it's a far more expensive trip. Another consideration is that the Columbia is generally booked well in advance so it doesn't lend itself well to "flying by the seat of your pants." Smaller southeast trips are easier to book with little notice.
  • Prince Rupert to Prince George via Yellowhead Highway
  • Prince George through Jasper National Park and Banff National Park to Canmore
  • Canmore to US boarder at Sweetgrass, Montana

Beautiful day for a road trip.