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Fishing towns in Southeast Alaska

Okay, I admit it. I'm the Type A, planner, researcher, and list maker. Given a huge project I'm in my glory to spend hours pouring over information and making sure all the details have been examined. And Alaskan Adventure is no different. To this end I'm giving you my first first list - the Pre-Trip Preparation List. You're going to be away from home for 3+ months. There will be some things you'll need to think about. And yes, you will have to change this list to fit your situation, but at least it will give you a starting point, and maybe some things you didn't think about.

  • Someone to watch your house.
  • Someone to watch a pet that you might not be taking along - bird, fish, etc.
  • How will your mail be forwarded to you?
  • What bills need to be paid forward? Which can be paid online?
  • Order prescriptions for the time you'll be away.
  • Service RV - oil change, check tires (condition and date), check fluids, check roof seals
  • Place monthly subscriptions on hold: XMRadio, DirecTV, magazine, newspapers
  • Haircut/Style before you leave
  • Extra set of keys - RV, toad, bay doors, gas lock
  • Call medical insurers to tell them you will be out of your area
  • Need club membership cards - Elks, Moose, American Legion, VFW, Eagles, Good Sam, FMCA, and National Parks Pass
  • If you don't have a National Parks Pass - Plan on getting one
  • Call credit card companies and your bank - Give them your basic itinerary and length of stay so a hold won't be placed on your account 
  • Install a rock guard on your coach
  • Make a windshield cover for the toad - More on this later
  • Emergency Road Service - Coach Net, Good Sams, AAA, personal insurance
  • Consider buying an air card for wifi service in Alaska
  • Make sure your insurance cards are good for the entire length of your trip, request additional Canadian coverage if needed.
  • Take Little Buttons to the vet for a health card and up to date vaccinations
  • Licenses for pets
  • Passport and Military ID cards

Valdez, Alaska - Try a whale watching tour