2017 Resolutions

A.K.A. Casual promises to myself that I'm under no legal obligation to fulfill

In the new year I aspire to drop 200 pounds ...

with a polished Winchester.

HaHaHa .... sorry ... yeah ok ... let's get serious ...it's almost the New Year.

In the New Year I will:

  • remember to write 2017 before the fireweed blooms.
  • not send a text to someone in the same room.
  • not binge watch Grey's Anatomy all day Sunday (certainly I can wait for Monday).
  • stop openly laughing at Man Buns.
  • stop waiting for Rosie and Miley to move to Canada.
  • stop rolling my eyes when someone uses the word "kiddos."
  • stop making sarcastic comments at Scott Pelley who ridiculously insists on carrying his glasses during EVERY news broadcast.
  • patiently continue to wait for my Christmas present sent in November by FedEx Express.
  • not be annoyed by teenagers ripping through town in their trucks trying to capture those elusive Pokemon.
  • be more considerate of those who say they can't ship an item to me because their company doesn't ship internationally.
  • be more understanding about those who ask me about Arkansas when they see the letters AK. 
  • politely, and without sarcastic undertones, just say "no" when I'm asked if I felt the earthquake last night in Unalaska.

How long will my resolutions last?

Got a stop watch?!?